Happy Easter!!

I hope everyone is having a blessed and happy Easter!

For some reason this morning, I'm remembering of our very first Easter with Carla.  She was born the Monday morning before Easter, had her first open heart surgery on Thursday, and I remember Easter Sunday morning, being at the Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake with Bobby's parents and brother as well as our son, Cody, when I received a phone call that they had decided that they didn't think Carla was quite ready to have her chest closed that day.

Weird the things you remember...

Because she was born so close to Easter, I think when we came home we had like ten stuffed bunnies or something.  We spent another Easter at Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake, when Carla had just turned 4, and had been hospitalized after catching RSV and suffocating. I have a picture of her with the Easter Bunny that was at the hospital that day... I think we have actually spent almost every holiday in the hospital at some time or another.  So, on this beautiful spring day, when I wake up to my 10 year old playing on the computer and begging to eat the chocolate in her basket, it feels just a little sweeter.

Today will be a pretty low key day.  Cody will come for breakfast and stay for the day... Carla will participate in the town's Easter egg hunt at 1:00 and then we will do a family dinner around 2:00, with Our little Wright Family, plus Bobby's folks and brother. Bobby has to leave for work at 3:00, so that's about it for the festivities.

I cannot help but to feel incredibly blessed and happy.

Love, Jen

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