Birthday Celebrations!!!!

The whole last week of March, Carla was sick with something similar to pneumonia. She had fevers every few hours and was coughing out really dark greenish brown phlegm.  We started her on one antibiotic and then, after lab results, they started her on a second antibiotic.  They finally started working by Friday, but unfortunately, we had already cancelled Carla's all girl sleep over that we had planned to celebrate her turning a decade.  We rescheduled for this Friday (the 7th) instead and luckily everyone was healthy enough to attend.  

Sunday, the 2nd, was Carla's actual birthday.  I cannot believe she is already 10! How time flies! There  is something significant about turning a decade old, and it was hitting me pretty hard that I wished so much that my Mom could have been here to help us celebrate.  I bet she would have been such a fun Grandma and she was always good at organizing a party, so that had me missing her too. 

On the morning of her birthday, we had our usual Sunday morning breakfast with Cody and Bobby's folks. Thomas and Mandy also came out, so that was fun too.  In the afternoon we went to Helena and had a celebration with the Morgan side of the family.  It is always so good to see everyone.  On Wednesday, we got together with Bobby's side of the family and took little miss out to Applebee's for dinner.   She loves it when they sing to her and bring her ice cream.  The big birthday sleepover was last night and I can honestly say, it was a hit!  The girls had so much fun and there was giggling, singing, screaming and down right energy going on.  They stayed up past midnight talking and thinking they were getting away with something.  I got up this morning and made them cinnamon rolls, pancakes, scrambled eggs, and sausage. I knew 3 of them had a busy morning, so wanted to make sure they had enough to eat.  

I have to admit, I am super tuckered out from the festivities and have been super lazy all day. The chances of me getting anything done tonight is pretty much nonexistent.

Here are some fun pictures from the birthday week :) 

Opening presents on the morning of her birthday :)

 In Helena with our family ...
Carla with Aunt Diane

Snuggling up her Great Grandma Morgan

Carla and Daddy

The three of us with the beautiful cake Grandma Sue got for her.

That cake was not only beautiful... it was delicious!

Hugging her cousin, Kamden

Give me some knucks. 

Grandma Sue with Kamden and Uncle Bill

Nightmare Freddy Fazbear

Some cool gifts from the neighbor.

Being a sweetie..

Showing Kamden the bears.

Grandpa is signing and Carla couldn't help but to join in and sing and dance. 
 Wednesday night at Applebee's
Just after being sung to and getting her ice cream. 

Strike a pose, with Uncle Tom

You guys! Get your tongues back in your mouths!

Carla with her Daddy & Uncle Tom
 The Birthday Sleepover.

We invited all of the girls in Carla's class (because it's a fairly small class). Last week we would have had 8 girls total but because of circumstances this week we only had 5 total.  I have to say, 5 is a lot of little screaming girls.  AND I never fully understood just how quiet both of my kids are.

Here they are... I was trying to get a nice shot of the 5 of them, but it went off more like a blooper reel...

Decorating their own goody bags :)

Headed downstairs for some karaoke...

These girls are total hams...

 After singing for a while, they had a snack and then worked on a play...

 Later on we did presents, and ice cream cake.

 Aunt Carol (or as we call her, Aunt Cares) bought Carla this cool candle.  It lit like a torch and then sang and spun around.  I thought we maybe should have had the fire extinguisher a little closer... :)

It has been a very fun Birthday week and we are so very blessed to have had 10 years with this amazing little sweetheart.

Love, Jen

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