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On Thursday, the 23rd, the school called and told me that Carla was feeling dizzy and looked pale. I went and got her, took her blood pressure (which was normal) and fed her some food. She had caught a cold and it was hard on her. She kept saying: "I hate my body, I have the worst immune system." She was sick for about a week and finally went back to school last Wednesday, the 1st. I caught the cold on Wednesday, the 1st,  and Bobby started feeling poopy on Thursday.  Mine was actually only super annoying for 2 days, mostly just a head cold with a super runny nose and itchy face. Bobby seems to be a lot sicker than I was, so hopefully it's not something different and we don't all get sick with what he has.

One of the interesting things I noticed about getting the call from the school on the 23rd... It totally threw me into a tail spin.  I had been tracking my calories, exercising and being really good. and feeling really good about myself.  After arriving home from picking up Carla, I just wanted to stuff my face with junk food. It made me feel very vulnerable and probably cued my self diagnosed PTSD. When I woke up the next day, my whole body just ached. It felt like someone had taken a bat to my back, shoulders, hip and neck. This is what living with chronic stress will do to a person. I try really hard not to let myself get carried away with what ifs and also try really hard not to let myself worry about things until they actually happen. But, every once in a while I feel like I'm losing it.  After a couple of days of what felt like an emotional tail spin, I am feeling more like myself again. Thank God!

Carla has a cardiologist appointment in Missoula on Wednesday (the 8th), so I am hoping for good news on that. It's always a little nerve wracking because you just don't know what they are going to see. It's also a little nerve wracking this time of the year because you never know what mother nature is going to throw you. I am not someone who will travel if the roads aren't safe.  So, hoping they stay alright.

I'll let everyone know how Wednesday goes!



Yesterday Carla felt like having S'mores.  I thought this was the best way to roast a marshmallow in the house :)

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