Cardio appointment (3/8/2017)

Yesterday we drove to Missoula for a 12:30 appointment with Dr. Sticka. For the most part everything looks pretty much the same and maybe even a tiny bit better. Dr. Sticka is your usual cardiologist, so won't give you too much to get excited about (I swear they must teach them in heart school how to make sure and jump to worst case scenarios... Just in case the parents don't have a reason to stay up at night worrying).  I did tell him that I understood what complications could arise and that I didn't want to talk about them until they arise. Mostly I don't want him scaring Carla. When and if we get into a situation where we need to re-list her for a heart, we will be the ones to tell her, in the most optimistic way we can manage. Until then, we don't need to worry her, she needs to focus on being a kid as much as possible.

After the appointment we headed over to Jimmy Johns for a sandwich and then to Best Buy to look at some technology.  We ended up getting Carla a drawing pad (that she has been asking for for months). We told her it is an early birthday present :)  She was OVER THE MOON EXCITED!

She's about to burst with excitement!


Isn't she adorbs :)

The roads on the way home were good, except for McDonald Pass... I was so thankful the Bobby was driving.

Yucky roads...
Today Bobby woke up with the stomach flu... so we are feeling really sorry for him as well as steering clear of him and his mung... Poor baby.  Carla says: Dad has the "Man Flu" ...  She's pretty cute. I pray to God that Carla and I don't contract the "man flu"

Well, that's about all I've got!  I hope this finds you happy and well!!!

Love, Jen

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cici said...

I'm with you on protecting Children from fears and what ifs that may never even happen.
You know how it makes you feel, just imagine what it does to a child and their quality of life, fearing everyday is the day.
Stay positive and strong for her and I will add you both to my Prayers