We arrived in Seattle last night around 5:00. We rented a car, drove the city, rented our room, went to dinner and then did labs at Children's.  We finally settled in for the night around 9:00, it was a long day. 

This morning we had to check into Children's by 6:15. We stayed at the Talaris Conference Center, just blocks from the hospital, to make for an easier morning. Carla's procedure started at about 8:00 pacific time and we are currently about an hour out.  They told us it would take about 2 hours after she was fully asleep.  So, we should get to see her around 11:00ish.  We will be staying at the hospital tonight and hopefully everything will go perfectly and we can come home Saturday as planned.  

Here are some photos from yesterday and today.  Bobby is actually with us too, he just didn't make it into any photos :)

All masked up to fly.  I told her we were "airplane ninjas"

Last night at Jak's Grill for dinner.  Good food and Carla LOVED the chocolate cake dessert she got!

This morning, with her plushy. 
Please pray everything goes perfectly!  I will update after we talk to the docs.

Love, Jen

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