Checking in...

Hello there!  Time has been flying by and I don't necessarily have much to report.  But, I have seen a large improvement in Carla's coloring as well as her energy level.  Yesterday she wanted to walk to school, so we did. It took about 17 minutes (it's about 6 or 7 blocks), but she didn't have to completely stop to rest at all.  This was a huge improvement from when we tried walking to school in the past. School has been going pretty well for her except that she seems to get over stimulated pretty easily. She has always been super sensitive to sound and when her classmates get really loud she can't take it. She also hates pep assemblies for this same reason. This morning she is still sleeping because when I woke her up for school she said that she had a sore throat. I know there are a bunch of colds going around the school so, it's not unlikely that she doesn't feel well.  I guess we will see for sure later in the day.

Yesterday I rearranged and got rid of a bunch of clutter in Carla's room. She wants to have a place to put a desk, so rearranging was in order. She is getting to the age that she is not really playing with her toys. So she wanted to sell them, (she has a really cool Barbie Dream House as well as a Princess Castle and a ton of barbies, princesses and princes). I had all the dolls sold, but then she had a change of heart and didn't want to get rid of her toys. The lady who was going to buy them (online garage sale) was very gracious about the whole thing. Carla did, however, part with the little pink kitchen and accessories that she got while we were in Seattle waiting for her heart. This gave us more space to work with, so that was good.

I can't believe she is almost 10!!!  Before we know it she'll be all grown up! The other week she said, "Dad, I AM almost 12..." In that tweeny way kids get.  We laughed and told her she was almost 10 and has to be 11 before she can almost be 12.  Silly kid!

Hoping your Tuesday is filled with awesome!!

Love, Jen

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