Back to life...

Well, we are home and getting back to regular life!  Carla has started school again (for the first time since Christmas break) and we are keeping our fingers crossed that she will stay healthy.  I have noticed a little bit of bruising as well as random bloody noses, so have a call into Children's to see if they want to decrease the dose of blood thinner she is taking.  She will be taking a blood thinner for at least 6 months.

Our plan at this time is to see her cardiologist in Missoula in about 5 weeks and then to go back to Seattle in May, Missoula in June or July and then back for another cath in August.

I picked up Carla for lunch today and it seems as though her day is going well.  I think she looks quite a bit more pink and that she seems to have more energy.  Although, maybe I'm imagining things, who knows?

I am so glad that everything has gone as well as it has and am hoping that this band-aid will keep her healthy for awhile.

Love, Jen

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