The Plan

We heard back from the hospital yesterday and so we finally have a plan.  We will be coming back to Seattle on Wednesday, February 1st for a February 2nd heart cath to place a stent in Carla's LAD. Per MyHeart.Net:

 LAD stands for left anterior descending artery. It is a coronary artery, which is the name given to arteries that supply the heart muscle with blood. The LAD is considered the most important of the three main coronary arteries and is almost always the largest. It’s called the LAD because is on the left side of the heart (left) it runs down the front wall of the heart (anterior descending). The Left anterior descending artery typically supplies over half of the heart muscle with blood, so twice as much as the other coronary arteries.

We will probably spend the night at the hospital for observation and then be released the next day. Carla's rejection score came back as a 1R, which is unchanged from what it has ever been. We didn't tell Carla right away about the blockage, because we didn't have a plan.  But, after we got the plan we explained to her that we would have to come back in a couple of weeks to have a stent placed (like Grandpa got) and that she would have more energy and her shoulder wouldn't hurt when she laughs like it does now. After confirming that she would be asleep for the procedure, she thought it sounded like a great idea.

I have been in touch with Carla's teacher and she is going to bring her work over on Monday and also come over to help her with the math. I know I have said this before but, I REALLY LOVE CARLA'S TEACHER!

At this point we are going to be pretty low key and are looking forward to a month of lazy mornings, because we don't have to rush off to school every day.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers :)

Love, Jen

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