Just hanging out ...

Since getting home last Sunday we have kept life pretty low key.  Carla's teacher brought over her work Monday evening and we have been doing school at home for several hours a day. It has actually been pretty fun and I've enjoyed not having to rush around during the day. On a normal day, Carla is up by 6:30, to school by 8:00, I pick her up for lunch at 11:00, bring her back by 11:45 and then pick her up from school at 3:30.  So, it's back and forth to the school all day long. At this point we have settled into waking up when we feel like it, and doing school work in our jammies.  So, that's no too bad!

I am working really hard at trying to keep my anxiety at bay, and to only worry about the things I have control of, but sometimes that's difficult.  It's also difficult to not try to look into the future and worry about the stuff there... but if I want to keep my sanity it is important to stay in the now, do what the doctors tell us to do, and pray for good results. Sometimes that's easier said than done, but that's the goal :)

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

Love, Jen
I told her it was time to "put on your thinking cap" ... Silly girl. 

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