Heart Cath/Biopsy

Carla had her heart cath and biopsy today.  We spoke with the doctor about an hour ago and we have some not so great news.  One of her coronary arteries, which was clear of blockage 9 months ago, is about 40% blocked.  Dr. Kemna is talking about possibly placing a stent in the artery, but wants to consult with the doctors at the University of Washington hospital, because they place many more stents there than they do at Children's.  Also, Carla's heart pressures are up, so she is thinking the blockage is most likely causing that. Her former coronary artery blockage is still pretty much the same as before.

At this point we have a pickle with regard to timing and whether to fly home on Sunday or not.  I am hoping that the doctors make the decision about what to do before our flight at 12:30 Sunday afternoon.  Because, it would suck to get a message while on our flight home, to be back to the hospital next Wednesday for a stent placement.  But, we would want to go home if the placement would be in a month. 

This isn't the best news, but we have definitely had worse, and are more used to getting the rug ripped out from under us... so it is less shocking. 

Please pray that the doctors make a swift and wise decision and that Carla does perfectly throughout. 

Love, Jen

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