Coronary Artery Disease

There is a bit of confusion about Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) in transplant patients, so I wanted to clear it up.

CAD in an adult is due to too much bad cholesterol building up and causing plaque to obstruct the artery walls.  Eating a "heart healthy" low fat diet is suggested for this kind of CAD.

In a transplant patient with CAD, the artery walls are not clogged with plaque, but rather scar tissue from the white blood cells attacking the heart.  It is a form of rejection and has absolutely nothing to do with diet. Kids with CAD in a transplant case are put on a statin, but because they don't have high cholesterol, are told to eat a diet rich in cholesterol to prevent severe muscle cramping.  So, if human nature gives you the urge to be a busy body or to judge a heart mom for feeding her child what she sees fit, you should probably consider the fact that she is following doctors' orders.

Love, Jen

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