As promised, here are the pictures I did of Carla for her school pictures.  My favorite is the one where she is standing, but the closeup under it is actually the same picture, so I really like that one too.  I'm really happy with the way they turned out, and really happy in general.  

We did Halloween yesterday and Carla went as this creepy character from a horror game.  She does not play the game, but does love the music, etc. that people put up about it on YouTube.  I have been really impressed with her energy level lately and have noticed that her heart rate has come down to 107 when she is sleeping (instead of 121). It's still high, but more of a "normal" for her instead of running a race day and night.  I'm pretty sure this is contributing to her higher energy level.  

The 3rd Grade...
It's funny to me how many creepy vs. adorable costumes there are.  This is such a neat age and Carla's class is full of great kids! We are very blessed.

I had an idea this morning after dropping Carla off at school...  IF WE MUST participate in the time change, my vote is that they should always "Fall Back" the day after Halloween!  The kids all looked like the day after Halloween Zombies... they could have used the extra hour this morning :)

Speaking of Halloween, it looks like it blew up in my house, so I need to get on with my day and see if I can tackle some of this mess!

Happy November!!!

Love, Jen

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