Time Flies!

It's almost Halloween!!  I can't believe how fast time has been flying by!  It has been a great school year so far for Carla and I am super impressed with how the school this year has stepped up their game. Carla has not had a severe cold yet, whereas last year she had already been hospitalized twice at this time.

Carla and I will travel to Seattle on her heartiversary (November 15th) for appointments with the heart team, psychology team, ear nose and throat team as well as a vocal chord procedure. Carla is dreading the flight and is counting down going, not because she's worried about the doctor appointments, but because she is worried about having to fly. She developed a fear of flying sometime last spring and no matter how many times I tell her that flying is safer than driving (especially in the winter) she is still terrified.  I'm sure she will out grow this, as she used to LOVE flying and has to fly several times a year.

We got her school pictures back and she refused them and told me they were "cringe worthy".  We will do retakes because I already paid for them, but I put the green screen up yesterday and we had a little photo shoot, so I'll be looking forward to sharing some fun photos from that soon.  We've decided no more school pictures, I can actually do a better job, so we are done with that. Plus, she can dress up, get her hair done and have a lot of fun with photo shoots at home.

Tomorrow I will be taking Carla to Helena to see my Dad's band play :)  I am looking forward to seeing my family and hearing Dad's band.  Bobby has a gig on Saturday, so I'm looking forward to that as well!  It will be a weekend full of music and fun! What could be better than that!

I'll update with pictures soon!

Love, Jen

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