VACATION - Days 1 and 2

Carla, Bobby and I had an awesome vacation!  We flew out of Great Falls, Tuesday May 31st, Carla and I took Alaska Air and Bobby took Delta (he had a voucher from a previous missed travel). So, us girls went through Seattle and Bobby through Salt Lake. We later met up at LAX to wait for the Disneyland Resort bus.
At the airport around 6:00 a.m.  Selfies are hard when you have short arms ;)

Carla and I on our plane...

The closer we got to our destination, the sillier she got...

Reunited, and waiting for our bus...

We made it to Disneyland!
We stayed at the Grand Californian Hotel, just off of Adventure land, mostly because it was the closest Hotel to the park and we were worried about Carla's stamina. So, the first thing we did was check in, and then we needed to find something to eat! We walked over to the Paradise Pier Hotel for a late lunch/early dinner. It was actually closer than I thought when planning the vacation, but I'm still glad that we were at the Grand Californian, because after walking 6 or 8 miles a day, my feet were sore!
In the entrance of Paradise Pier :) 

On the way to our room after dinner.
After dinner we went to the grocery store, picked up some necessities and then settled in for the night. We knew that we would be waking up at the crack of dawn for the next three days (to utilize the Magic Mornings that come with a resort stay a big part of the reason we stayed on site).

Wednesday morning we were up and at em bright and early, and made our way to the "secret" entrance into the park.  Turns out, its not so secret and we were told it would be faster to turn around and make our way to the normal park entrance.  We made it into the park probably around 7:15 a.m. and followed the crowd towards Cars Land! We were in line for ten to fifteen minutes and the fun was about to start as we were about to board the Radiator Springs Racer ride!
Waiting in line...

Family Selfie, after getting on our first ride.

Just after the ride finished, she liked it just a little bit...

Us Girls.

Bobby and Carla, look at all the cool detail...
 that's one thing about Disney Parks, there is SO MUCH detail. 
After Radiator Springs Racers we made our way over to the Toy Story Midway Mania ride and after that walked across the park to wait in line for FastPass tickets to the Frozen show later that afternoon. After waiting for about half an hour we got our tickets and were told to come back between 11:30 and 12:10 to get in to see the show. At that time it was almost time for Carla's meds (that I forgot in the room) and we were starting to get a little bit hungry. We hit the Soaring Over California ride on our way to our room.

Back in our room we ate sandwiches and Carla was able to take her meds and do a breathing treatment. With full bellies and meds taken care of we were back at it! First stop (per Carla) was a Bugs Life "It's Tough to be a Bug" 3D attraction. This turned out to be a little bit terrifying to Carla and I don't recommend it for small children. But it was pretty cool if you're not terrified of spiders...

With her 3D glasses before the show
At this point we thought about hitting Town Hall to talk to them about Carla's low stamina and renting a wheel chair, but she seemed to be doing alright so we thought we could hit another ride and then see them after the Frozen show.  We headed over to the Monster's Inc., Mike and Sully to the Rescue ride and on our way there we found a cool water play fountain.

We couldn't resist getting this for her!
Carla LOVES water play, always has. 

Look at the name of the treats...
Waiting in for the Monsters Inc. Ride. 

After the Monster's Inc. Ride, it was then time to go wait to see Frozen. We thought they would let us in the building to wait. No such luck! We were corralled in an area to wait in the sun for about an hour and then finally let loose to run for seats. It was awful! I, like a total moron, thought it would be fun to be in the balcony seating (dumb, dumb, dumb!). What I didn't realize is that we would have to climb about 1000 stairs while a stampede of people pushed us to go faster, faster, faster up the stairs! By about 3/4 of the way Carla just couldn't go any further and started to cry. Bobby picked her up and carried her the rest of the way. Once we got inside, there were more stairs to get down closer, Carla freaked out and we ended up way up top! Kind of an epic fail... but lesson learned. The Frozen Show was actually fabulous and afterwards we were told by a lady who we stood next to in line for an hour that she had talked to the usher and that we could take the elevator down, instead of all those stairs again. If we had told the park about Carla's disability we could have taken the elevator up and wouldn't have had to wait in the sun. We headed over to the Town Hall office to get a disability pass and then over to the wheelchair rental area. I checked the pedometer on my watch and it said I had walked about 4.5 miles. Carla's legs are shorter, so I'm guessing she walked further than that? We really should have gotten all of this taken care of sooner, but like I said, lesson learned. With a disability pass we had to go to the information center in whatever land we were in and tell them what ride we were thinking about and they would give us a return time. We could only get a return time for one ride at a time, so it was a little clumsy, but still good. We were able to do Ariel's Undersea Adventure right away and then had to wait about half an hour or so to get on to Mickey's Fun Wheel. While we waited for the fun wheel we found corn dogs, yum!!


On Micky's Fun Wheel

Sassy Carla and Daddy!

By this time, it was about 3:00 and we were spent. We took the wheelchair back, hit a gift shop and made our way back to the room to relax and get ready for swimming!  We swam for about an hour, took showers and got ready for dinner. We decided to stay at the Grand Californian for dinner, so that was nice because it was only a short walk to the restaurant.

After dinner we were pretty well wiped out and made our way to our room.  It was a magical day.

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