Vacation day 3

Our second day at Disneyland started off a little slower (but we actually made it to the park earlier). We left our room at about 6:45, went to the wheelchair rental people and then straight to the Magic Morning line.
She's all Disney'd out  ;)  

Ok, I guess I can handle another day of excitement...
Disneyland is a little different than California Adventure, because their rides are not wheelchair accessible unless you enter through the exit, instead of the entrance.  So, the rules are a little different. You go to the exit of the ride, see the attendant there and they get you on pretty quick. If they are busy, they will give you a return time. We did Peter Pan's Flight, Mr. Toads Wild Ride, the Mad Tea Party, Casey Jr.'s Circus Train and the Storybook Land Canal boats in the first hour or so. It was really fast because of the Magic Morning (less traffic) as well as having the wheel chair. It was so much easier on Carla and she could use all of her energy on just having fun!
With Sleeping Beauty's Castle... It looks like we are the only people in the park!

Waiting at the Mad Tea Party Ride (and thinking of our little heart buddy, Owen, who loves this ride and is waiting for his second new heart in the hospital). 

Pretty in Pink!

Family Selfie on the Tea Cup!

Look Mom, no hands!

On the Circus train...

On the canal boat.

Also, on Storybook Land Canal boat.
After we had done everything in Fantasyland that Carla wanted to do, it was time for meds. So, we picked up a snack, she took her morning meds and we wandered off to check out Mickey's Toontown. We did a Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin and then found this silly jail...

Busting out of jail!
 After taking this shot, we rounded the corner just as Daisy Duck was arriving... what lucky timing!

Carla and Daisy :)
 After Toontown, we made our way over to TomorrowLand to try out Autopia, which was a car ride. Carla had a lot of fun.  After Autopia the park was really filling up and it was getting HOT! We headed over to Splash Mountain, got a return time. We had an hour to kill, so we headed over to New Orleans Square and picked up some lunch. We had to wait a minute for the restaurant to open... so it was selfie time again...
I like this picture of Bobby and I, except for my thumb ;) 

Being silly. 

Carla and her new Disney Doll.
We had lunch, and then it was time to report back to Splash Mountain.  It was a lot of fun! At this time we decided to get out of Disneyland, because the "Happiest Place on Earth" was super full, the sun was beating down, children were crying and parents were crabby! Honestly, if you looked around, there were no smiles to be seen! We were happy to get out of there! We headed to downtown Disney and Carla made a My Little Pony at Build-A-Bear.

Picking out Luna's Heart.

After Luna was fully stuffed it was time to place her heart and close her up. Carla was supposed to make a wish on Luna's heart before she placed it.... She wished that her Pony would be like her. No sooner  was Luna unable to be closed and had to have emergency surgery.  Pretty sweet. 

After Build a Bear I was beat, but Bobby and Carla went swimming before we all showered again and went out to dinner. It was a really LONG and fun day!

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