The pseudomonas is back...

Carla's pseudomonas bacteria is back... We did a culture last Friday because after finishing her inhaled antibiotic she still had white phlegm.  It started to turn yellow and by last night it was dark green again. This bacteria is very difficult to get rid of and has been giving the docs a run for their money.  Right now we have the pediatrician, pulmonologist, transplant team and infectious disease team working on a plan... I am currently (impatiently) awaiting a call from them. In the mean time, Carla missed yesterday and today from school and I'm considering just taking her out for the rest of the year and getting her work from the teacher.  This week all she is missing is MAP testing and the 27th is her last day of school.  So, she would miss the last two weeks of school and get a head start on not being around all the little germ givers... This is really getting old and I hope they can figure out some kind of relief for this kid. She really shouldn't have to live this way.

Anyway, fingers crossed that they come up with a plan that works.

Love, Jen

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