Update No. 1029

Last weekend Carla went with her Grandparents Wright to attend the wedding of a friend of ours. My father in law sent me the following pictures of Carla, being super cute and hammy. Reva (the bride) asked Carla if she would be her flower girl. She would have asked sooner but didn't want to put any pressure on anyone about her coming (because it's hard to plan around Carla's health). Luckily Carla was able to make it and she felt like the bell of the ball after being asked to be a part of the wedding. The wedding looks like it was a beautiful Montana event at a lovely Lodge at Seeley Lake. 

Posing under the wedding arch

Our little flower girl, with her daisy peddles. 

Down by the lake. 

Carla's Grandparents Wright  
 I would post pictures of the actual wedding, but I don't want to invade anyone's privacy.

While Carla and the Grandparents were at the wedding I drove to Helena to see my family. Grandma Morgan has recently moved to assisted living and I wanted to see how she had settled in, as well as see my Aunt Marlene, who was in town from Oregon. I spent a few hours visiting with Aunt Marlene, Aunt Diane and Grandma and then drove home. Carla was home a little bit after 10:00 to do her breathing treatment and get ready for bed.

We did decide to take Carla out of school for the last two weeks. Catching a cold exacerbates the pseudomonas, so we need to keep her out of the mainstream until she is well. That doesn't mean she can't do things (she's not contagious), just that we can't send her to school because there are a lot of illnesses going around. We have another cardiologist appointment tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see if there have been any changes.

Our life is pretty low key at the moment with Carla not attending school. The big plan today is to take the dog in to get groomed, and if Carla is feeling ok she has gymnastics at 5:15. Tomorrow morning we will leave the house by 7:15 to make the three hour drive to her cardio appointment and then the three hour drive back home. It will be a long day, but we are pretty good travel buddies.

Love, Jen

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