Easter & Birthday adventures...

On March 21st we were advised that the doctors wanted to do a 24 hour Holter Monitor on Carla to see if they could find any reason for her elevated heart rate. So, we traveled to Helena, picked up the monitor and started the test. The only thing the test showed was that Carla's heart rate was high. Which we already knew, but at least it ruled out anything else being a problem. After studying her most recent echos as well as the holter monitor the team has decided that Carla's elevated heart rate has to do with infection, not rejection.  So, that's good news.   

On Good Friday, we decided it was time to dye Easter eggs.  Carla was so excited that she dyed both the eggs for her plus all of the eggs that I was going to use for deviled eggs.  It was a lot of fun.  I took a picture and sent it to Bobby at work.  He said, "you should do a collage of her dying eggs through the years" so this is what I came up with :)  the top picture is when she was 2 and if you go clockwise she is 3 (in the hospital that year), 4 (in Seattle), 5 (after just getting home from Seattle), 6, 7 and then finally in the middle, she was 8!  She has changed so much over the years, but still such a little sweetheart. 

Her first egg :)

Having fun

Bright Red!

Her eggs :)  
Carla comes home for lunch every day, this was a silly little photo shoot that just happened during her lunch break...

Easter was a lot of fun and as you can see in the picture, she was super excited about getting the Peanuts Movie!  She has never watched Peanuts cartoons but after watching the movie, decided that she loved it and that Snoopy was her favorite character. She loved him because he used his imagination a lot and liked to fly, just like her...

Hunting the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid around the house...

Mario found one!

At noon the town of Cascade does an egg hunt down at the park.  Here are some pictures of our little darling, hunting eggs in her new Easter dress. She's getting so tall!

Unfortunately, by evening time on Easter Carla started feeling pretty poopy.  She developed a low grade fever that persisted every four hours (as the Tylenol wore off).  I took her to the doctor on Monday and they did another sputum culture.  She had finished her most recent antibiotic on the Thursday before Easter.  On Wednesday they found that the same bacteria she had been dealing with for months now  is still the culprit.  After jumping through all of the proper hoops, we were finally able to start an inhaled antibiotic on Friday.  It is one of those 5,000 dollar drugs, so we had to make sure the insurance would cover it and then the pharmacy had to get it.  Finally, Friday afternoon she was able to have her first treatment...
And Saturday was her 9TH BIRTHDAY!!!!

We got her the game she had been wanting...
For her birthday Grandma Wright and I took Carla out to Applebees for lunch.  She really loves their Mac & Cheese and fries... plus, she was super excited about being sung to.

Us Girls

Eating her dessert after being sung to, she was feeling pretty special :)

After lunch we were off to the mall, so that Grandma could buy Carla a birthday present and so that Carla and I could go to Claires and pick out some earrings.  She had originally thought she wanted to get her ears pierced on her birthday, but a couple days before decided she wasn't ready.  So, we went and picked out a bunch of clip on earrings for her!  She was over the moon excited!
With her new emoji earrings...

super happy

She declared, it was the best birthday ever!  
I can't believe our little baby girl is almost a decade old!  Where does the time go?!

I've been getting a lot of questions about how Carla is doing.  The answer is this... She is taking all of her regular meds, plus two about half an hour long breathing treatments a day.  She is still dealing with quite a bit of phlegm, but hasn't had fevers and her phlegm is a lighter color but still pretty sticky. She is very annoyed by the treatments and I can't blame her.  Her heart rate is still elevated (121 to 138 resting). We will see the cardiologist in Missoula next Friday, the 15th for another echo and checkup.  We are praying that this antibiotic does the trick and that her lungs stay healthy for a while.  We have been dealing with this cough since September....

Love, Jen

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