Biopsy Results

Ok, just talked to the doc - Carla's rejection score is still a 1R, which is great. She does still have a high heart rate, so we will be addressing that with a new med (Carvedilol) which is a beta blocker. We will start this med very slowly as it would be hard on her to drop her heart rate quickly. Also, we will start doing blood pressures every day (to make sure it doesn't get too low), increase her bad cholesterol intake (because her statin has her LDL levels too low but she needs it for her coronary artery disease). We also are doubling her myfortic (one of the immunosuppression meds) because it helps with coronary artery disease and eventually lowering another of her immunosuppression meds (tacro) because we are doubling her myfortic. And, we will start a supplement called CoQ10, which is good for the heart. Carla's heart does have a little bit of a decreased function that Dr. Law noticed cropped up around 2014 with the coronary artery disease. We will monitor the heart function closely, we see the cardiologist in Missoula again in 6 weeks. 

We will start making our way home tomorrow.

Love, Jen

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