Getting Better!?

Carla seems to finally be getting better! (KNOCK ON WOOD)! We started a new antibiotic (Ciprofloxacin) last Thursday and the phlegm issue seems to be clearing up quite a bit. Her oxygen saturations have also gone from the low 90s to the mid to high 90s!  Yay! I am a little concerned that her heart rate is up a bit, but we will continue to monitor it and hope that it comes down again. Carla seems to have quite a bit more energy and actually RAN half way to the park on Saturday! She is not a child who ever likes to run, so this seemed significant to me. The rest of the weekend was pretty low key, Bobby was finishing up mid-term week, so had a big paper to write.  And Carla and I were pretty lazy in general. Sometimes you just need to do that! Next weekend I hope to go to my Dad's band job in Helena, so that should be fun :) Pray everyone stays healthy so that we can do that! This time of year is so full of germs!

Yesterday I decided to go through Carla's old medical records to see how much she has grown. I figured out that from the time she was 3 until she was 5 and a half, she only grew 4 inches. (She had the same clothes forever!) And, in the 3 years and 4 months since her heart transplant, she has grown 13 inches! That's an average of about 4 inches a year! My Dad has joked that if she keeps growing at this rate she will be over 7 feet tall.  I am only 5 feet tall, so that would be a little awkward ;)

Thank you to our donor family for giving Carla the gift of a perfect healthy heart...it is doing her body wonders.

Love, Jen

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