I've been having a little bit of writers block, probably because I never really have any time alone with my thoughts... busy busy... So, I uploaded my pictures from the last couple of weeks and thought I would tell you all about what's going on with that.

First of all, I've been a Bronco fan since I was a child.  My Uncle Norm used to live in the Denver area and my whole family has had the fun of experiencing a football game at one time or another. My first game was I believe in 1992, when the Broncos beat the Oilers in the last two minutes of a playoff game. Super exciting, nail biter of a game! My last game was a couple of years ago when Bobby and I attended a Monday night game where the Broncos beat the pants off the Raiders.

So, the first picture is of me in my new Super Bowl shirt that Bobby picked up for me!
This year we decided that there would be NO SUPER BOWL PARTY.  The last time the Broncos were in the Super Bowl we had a party, and that turned out to be one crappy day for us and our guests! It turned out to be really fun for Bobby and I. Here we are after the victory!

This Friday, Carla had the day off, and I made an appointment for the two of us to get our hair cut and highlighted.  Carla has wanted lighter hair, and when Cody was a kid I used to color his, so it's not like I could change the rules for her. The stylist was maybe a little bit too subtle, if you ask me... but Carla is excited about it, so that's all that really matters.
Our "before" shot.

Getting her highlights...

Getting ready for the rinse out...

The finished product. 

Another view...

My hair... 
The other week Carla and I watched the live Grease performance on TV.  She loved the "All I Need is an Angel" song that Frenchy (Carly Rae Jepsen) sang in the diner.  So, I went to i-tunes and downloaded the song. Carla is not much of a morning person, so I am always looking for a song or something that will put her in a good mood first thing. The other morning we must have listened to "All I Need is an Angel" 10 times before she went to school. And so, she got out of bed and decided that she was going to dress as an angel. The Angel of Hearts... She is such a little Sweet Pea! Here is a picture of her, dressed as "The Angel of Hearts" (I thought she named herself appropriately).

Carla, dressed as "The Angel of Hearts"

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