Cardio visit

Friday, Carla had multiple appointments at Seattle Children's Hospital.  I was up at 3:45, woke Carla at 4:30 and left the house by 4:45, to catch a 6:00 flight to Sea Town.  We arrived in Seattle at 6:50, Pacific Time and caught a bus to get our rental car. It's always fun to see what we get to try out and Friday we got a little Subaru Impreza, I liked the way it zipped around. On our way out of the rental facility, I took a wrong turn, but thought there would be another I-5 ramp down the road, so just went with it. I ended up on Highway 99, which still leads to Seattle, but eventually made my way to I-5. We arrived at Children's by 8:45 to check in for Carla's 9:00 echo. When we were done with the echo, we went to our room, did some vitals and then spoke with Jason, one of the Transplant Coordinators. Jason got us a little contraption for Carla to breathe into, to help her increase the amount of air she takes in. After Jason came Dr. Law, the most thoughtful and thorough doctor we have ever had the pleasure to meet. While Dr. Law was with us a Pharmacy Specialist came and went over Carla's meds with me and got them all updated in the Med Schedule online and printed me out a copy. She then brought me a new pill container to organize Carla's pills, our current container is getting old, so this was kind of an awesome score! After Dr. Law, we saw Jason again and THEN we met a new team member, a clinical psychologist, Dr. McKever, who came and spoke to Carla. Eventually, we were rushed off to x-ray (to get a new baseline...Carla has been coughing up phlegm since she was sick back in September and they wanted to see what was going on). After the x-ray it was up two floors to see Dr. Debly, the Pulmonolgist (lung doc). They did a blowing test with Carla and were happy that she could produce good computer results. Dr. Debly listened to Carla's lungs and we spoke at length. He is another one of my favorite doctors. He has such a thoughtful and good bedside manner. He was impressed that Dr. Law had ordered a sleep study and asked for those results when we get them. He decided that we needed to "step up our game" with regard to Carla's lungs. We are going to start a Flovent inhaler again (she was on Flovent before transplant) and he gave us some equipment that Carla needs to blow into to help produce a good cough. We will have to do that 3 times a day. He wants to see us again when we are in Seattle for Carla's biopsy in August and he also wants to do a swallow study at that time, to rule out whether or not she has been aspirating a little bit. After we were done with the lung doc the last thing we needed to do were labs, but we weren't expecting labs, so didn't bring our own numbing cream. Dr. Law had ordered some that morning for us, so we headed off to pharmacy to pick it up. After picking it up, we were on a hunt for cling wrap, so that we could actually use the numbing cream. Thankfully the transplant team was able to find us some cling wrap, we got the cream on and wrapped up her arms. The cream says to put it on "one hour" prior to a procedure, so we decided to FINALLY go to lunch... It was 2:45 and all we'd eaten all day were the snacks I brought. Thank God I thought to bring snacks!  We went over to one of our old  Seattle haunts, the Yummy Cafe, and had some YUMMY Chinese food. After sufficiently filling our tummys, we went BACK to Children's for a blood draw that Dr. Law had ordered earlier that morning... They wanted to see if she is "too suppressed" or not. When we got to the lab they told us that they couldn't run one of the tests because it was after 2:00 and that we'd have to come back. I told them we were leaving Seattle that night, so just run whatever tests they could and for them to call the team and let them know what couldn't be run. We finished up at Children's around 4:00, and then had the pleasure of fighting Seattle's Friday traffic (which is even worse than any other day's traffic) back to the SeaTac area. By this time we were so incredibly pooped!   We had to take our car back around 7:30ish because our plane flew out at 9:20.  So, we decided to get a hotel room for a couple of hours, just to rest. We each snuggled into our own bed and had about 2 hours to decompress.  Which, was much needed! We left the hotel around 7:15, got lost on our way to the Car Rental Return area (but then Siri got us turned around). We made it through security, got some Wendy's, and rushed off to our gate. We were home by midnight. Bobby and his folks picked us up, which was really nice because I had the car there but I was so tired that it would have been a bummer to have to drive the half an hour home from the airport. Plus, it is always nice to be picked up by family, even if you just left that morning :)

So, executive decision, we will NEVER be doing a one day turn around trip again. It is way too much! Today is Sunday, and I woke up FINALLY rested from Friday's adventure! I think a big part of why it was so hard is just that instead of the plane leaving at 6:50ish, like it used to, it now leaves at 6:00... which is just too early (in my opinion).

Here are a couple of pics from the day :)

Carla, proudly displaying the "wings" she got on Friday. 

New pill container...

You can remove a day, for convenient out and about options...

Waiting for our food....

So tired but happy to be getting a break from the hospital :)

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