Almost Christmas...

The tree is trimmed and the stockings are hung...
Christmas will be lots of fun!

We have been taking it one day at a time, Carla's Christmas vacation us underway and I have been enjoying not having to rush around every morning. Carla is a smell the roses kind of kid.  She takes in every moment and she does it at her own pace.  This is not a recipe to getting anywhere on time and causes her mommy a lot of anxiety.  Sometimes I joke about the fact that God gave me her to help me learn to slow down and He gave her me to help her learn to hurry up!

Last Thursday was Carla's Christmas Program, and yes, here in Cascade it is actually called a "Christmas Program" and the kids sing, you guessed it, Christmas songs!  It was really cute, the kids were adorable and I loved every minute of it....except the teenage boys sitting behind us yammering... That was annoying.  I wanted to snap my fingers at them!  But instead, I just turned around and gave them "the look".  Which caused their mother to shush them up, for a moment anyway. Teenagers.

In preparation for the program, Carla went and got her hair trimmed so that it would be perfect, and it was.

Saturday, the 19th, was Bobby's birthday. We spent the day snuggled on the couch watching the old Star Wars movies, in preparation for the new one. It was a nice day, and then Bobby had to head off to work.

Sunday we had our annual Wright family Tempura fry for Bobby's birthday, they have been doing it since Bobby was a boy, so every year we do it again.  This year Bobby and I had bought a Butterball Turkey Fryer and holy buckets, we had everything fried up in about 40 minutes. I was the fry master, usually we have two small fryers and the process is pretty painful. But, with the big ol turkey fryer it simplified the process.  So that was cool. Tom, Mandy and Cody came as well as Jeff, Jess and Ryder. Jeff's birthday is the 21st, so we celebrate his birthday with Bobby's as well.

Yesterday Bobby and I went to see the new Star Wars movie! It held true to the old Star Wars and we really enjoyed it. I am now looking forward to the next one! Carla and Grandma Wright went to the Chipmunks Movie, they also had a good time.

Today I will try to finish up some Christmas shopping :)

Thursday is Christmas with the Morgans followed by Christmas with the Wrights and then of course, Christmas morning.  I do love this time of the year.  Family, friends and love all around.

Here are some photos to enjoy!

Carla, with her present from Uncle Skip & Aunt Denise :)

Getting gussied up 

A photo shoot by the tree.... she's getting so big!


Playing with the puppy

She's such a sweetheart.

The Second Grade Class, singing "Snowman Where'd You Go?"

The Second Grade Class, singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
We wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Love, Jen

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