Wednesday night update

We are still hanging out at Benefis but Carla is slowly but surely getting better.  This morning I had a hair appointment that I had previously rescheduled when we were in the hospital last month. I really didn't want to reschedule again because my stylist takes quite a while to get into, so Tammy came to the hospital and hung out with Carla while I got my hair cut and colored. Yay! Carla was doing very well, went for a walk and was in really good spirits. When I got back the doctor told me that she had spoken to Seattle Children's and they were all in agreement to discontinue the IV antibiotic, because it is really hard on the tummy and none of her lab work has shown infection. And that Carla's magnesium level was 1.1 and they wanted it up to 1.5.  So, she has to take ALL of her pills today and MAY be discharged either tomorrow or the next day. When Carla was so sick we didn't force her to take all of her magnesium pills (because she takes 12 a day!). Now, I  just need to find a way to get her to take them all again.  It's really hard because her throat is still sore. Around 4:30 today, right at med time, Carla started developing a fever again and had the poos.  It was a bummer because she was feeling so well most of the day. We had been snuggling on her bed and being silly. Carla laid down and fell fast asleep around 5:15.  It is now almost 9:00 and she really needs to wake up so that she's not up all night, but I don't dare poke the sleeping tiger.  That little tiger can be fierce when she is sick and you wake her.

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