Sunday Morning update

Carla had an ok night but started spiking a fever again this morning. They gave her Tylenol at 6:00 and her fever actually went up. They gave her Motrin at 7:30 and so now we are waiting for that to work. It's usually the only med that can break her fever (but Seattle Children's  frowns on giving it to her because it goes through the kidneys, and her transplant meds also go through the kidneys). Carla is coughing up a lot of phlegm and is having a hard time keeping her oxygen levels above 90, so I foresee oxygen in her future. I'm hoping when the fever comes down her O2s will come up, but I'm not sure the hospital will be so patient about it. Carla says: "That machine lies, I feel great!" While she's not shivering and miserable, I'm pretty sure she doesn't feel great. 

Please pray Catla feels better. I'm worried that I might be catching the cold now too :( so prayers for me would be appreciated as well. I really don't have time to get sick. 

Love, Jen

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