Monday morning update

Yesterday afternoon Carla spiked a fever of 103.8, but since then has only had a low grade fever, and we haven't had to give Motrin, which is a huge improvement. Through the night Carla's O2s were dipping into to high 80s, so we put a whiff of oxygen on her. When she woke up this morning I removed the oxygen and she is still saturating in the 90's, so she doesn't need it. She has been coughing up tons and tons of phlegm from her lungs, which is good. But it is very hard on her and she is in a very tired mood. Carla is in no mood to talk, eat or be bothered. She wants to watch Looney Toons and be left alone. Which I am fine with. Poor baby. 

I spoke with the school again and we are on track to get her listed as a "home bound" student. They will figure out who will be her home bound teacher and we will have a meeting to update her 504 and get the ball rolling when she is better. 

Just to clarify, being a home bound student is different than homeschool. An actual teacher from the school will come to our house and teach her what the kids in her class are learning. It will be good. 

Please pray for healing. 

Love, Jen

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