Well, we've been home for a week and Carla is doing well.  She is super excited about today, as she has a play-date with one of her classmates and then we will be doing some trick or treating. Carla says it will be "The Best Day Ever!" One of the pleasures about living in a small town is that the kids still get to trick or treat. I will take pictures later and post.

Last Friday, the day after getting home, I caught that super horrid illness that Carla had.  It had me on my back for three days, followed by another couple of days of fatigue.  It was probably the most sick I have been, like ever.  This morning Bobby woke up feeling sick!  I feel so bad and hope that he doesn't get it as bad as I had it! :( I was really hoping we could all just be healthy for a while! He's going to stay in bed today and hopefully get better.

On Tuesday we finally got the carpet in our new apartment and have been busy this week getting stuff moved in. I have a feeling the house will be messy for a while, but it's fun to have access to our stuff again!  It will be especially nice for Roger and Tammy when we finally have our stuff out of their house and they can use the whole upstairs again.

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