Checking in From Children's ...

Things are going pretty well here at Children's.  We were transported from the ER to our own room around 6:00, Sunday morning. Yesterday Carla spent the day hanging out and just trying to get better. She has been on three liters of oxygen since we were at the hospital in Great Falls. Today we turned her down to two liters for a while but she is currently back up to three. She was actually doing really well at two, but I think as she started to get tired everything started to get a little harder. She is still getting IV antibiotics as well as an oral antibiotic and she had some blood in her urine and she has been coughing up blood with her phlegm, BUT she hasn't had a fever since yesterday morning (knock on wood).  I am sincerely hoping that we are all done with the ferocious fevers, they were making her absolutely miserable.

Beverly came to visit us today and brought me a coffee pot to borrow, which I am super excited about. I can't see spending absurd amounts of money on coffee, but I really do enjoy a cup in the morning. Carla got a little bit crabby this afternoon and has thankfully fallen asleep. I'm sure someone will want to bother her soon enough, so for now I will let her sleep.

The plan at this point in the game is to just wait for Carla to feel better and wean her oxygen as we can. We just need to keep her saturations at 94 or better.  Right now they are at 96, so we can probably try two liters again and see how she does. I am not in any hurry to rush her out of here and am absolutely ok with waiting until she is completely better. Cardiology did do an echo this afternoon because Carla's BNP jumped into the 900s.  I am not alarmed, because her BNP goes up every time she is sick. It is one indicator of rejection, but also goes up when she is sick, and she has been super sick, with super huge fevers, so the fact that it is in the 900s does not surprise me one bit. I am certain her echo will be fine and that this has nothing to do with rejection. We did labs this morning and one of her transplant meds has jumped up as well, and she is running a little bit anemic. So, we will lower her transplant med and start giving her a higher dose of iron.  That's about all I have to report at this time :) Please continue to pray for Carla to get well!  I am sure it is working.

Love, Jen

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The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Oh, I am so sad to read Carla isn't feeling well at all! Prayers for a quick and complete recovery !