And We're Outta There!

After a long month and a half of getting an offer on our house, wrapping our minds around moving, starting the new build in Roger and Tammy's basement, moving out and cleaning, we are finally DONE with the move!!  I am so happy that we can now just focus on building the apartment as well as every day things.  As of the moment, we have ALL of our STUFF piled into every nook and cranny of Roger and Tammy's house.  They really are good sports and we are so blessed and thankful! Carla, Bobby and I are sharing the guest room and in our spare time we share chores and build the basement apartment. Roger has been working really hard on getting the plumbing, venting and framing done. Bobby and I pulled a bunch of electrical wire (with the assistance of Roger's expertise) and we are in the middle of putting up insulation. It is really starting to take shape!  We have drywall coming on Wednesday, the guys who will be punching in a door next Monday and Carpet on the 21st, followed by tile. After the drywall is complete (should take 7 days) we will be painting like mad people! And after the flooring is  in we can start moving in.  The kitchen might not be fully finished when we move in but we will at least be able to get all of our stuff out of Roger and Tammy's sun room, dining room, den and garage.

Carla has been busy with school and church. She goes to the Baptist Church Wednesday nights for what is called "Badger Pit" and the last two weeks has attended the Canyon Life Church with her friend Anna.  The first two weeks of school are finished and we have come to the conclusion that Carla needs a little break from all the noise during the day, so I will be picking her up at lunch from now on. Carla has always been super sensitive to noise and the lunchroom gets so loud that she can't stand it! That coupled with the fact that the bell sounds like a hospital monitor she kind of gets in a weird head space and ends up calling me from school or having to go lay down in a quiet area for a awhile. I personally think this has a little bit to do with having some PTSD from everything she has been through. I don't know how a person could go through everything she has and not be effected by it. The whole reason I don't work is for Carla, so there is no problem with me picking her up and bringing her home for lunch every day. I would honestly do anything for that little Nukum. 

Here are some pictures from our adventures... It has come to my attention that I haven't posted a picture here in a very long time!!

Beginning of August, great dentist appointment!

Jumping off the diving board for the first time! She's afraid of heights, so this was a big step.

Woo hoo!

Proud of herself.

Flying to Seattle for Carla's biopsy


Silly girls!

We landed by the Rolling Stones' Jet

Applebees with Grandma Bev

Getting Ready for the Biopsy

Starving and in good spirits.

All dressed  and waiting...

After about an 8 hour day at the hospital, we were free!!

Flying home, thank you Angel Flight West!!!

Carla and I on the first plane home.

Laxing out on the second leg of the flight home.
Construction zone...

What will eventually be our kitchen...

First day of Bobby's Sophomore year at the Great Falls University

First day of Second Grade!!

In her glasses...

Adam and Jennifer visited from Boise, here's a shot of our family visit.  

Andy, Grandma Morgan, my Dad, Me, Adam and of course Carla. 

Cody and Carla on moving day...

Uhaul's are fun...

Carla and Ryder, playing on the empty Uhaul

One of the most perfect Sunflowers at the home formerly known as ours...

Cleaning the house...

Cleaning the house...

All ready for it's new owners...
I want to give a great big thank you to my Dad & Sue for not only helping us move, but also coming back the next day to help clean!  It was a huge job and without your help it would have been nearly impossible!

The insulation ninja... 

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