Heart Cath/Biopsy day

Carla's heart cath/biopsy was scheduled this morning at 11:45. We had an amazingly smooth check in and couldn't believe how fast everything was rolling.  I almost made a comment about it, but then thought it might be bad luck, so didn't. Unfortunately, even though I didn't say anything, the Nurse Practitioner came in and advised us that there was an emergency and that our doctor needed to do a cath on another patient. We could either wait, or reschedule for another day. At this point it was about 12:15 and in preparation for the procedure, none of us had eaten. And, it would be at least another 2 hours before they could do Carla's procedure. I entertained the idea of rescheduling, but Carla was like NO - WE ARE HERE AND WE WILL WAIT! She was already gowned up and settled in.  She wasn't about to repeat this day. So, I gave her the ipad and she started watching a show. It was about this time that I received a message from a fellow heart mom that I had met on Facebook. She and her son had just arrived for their surgery check in. So, I left Bobby and Carla in the Blue Zone and walked back into the check in area to meet Kasha and Mitchell. Mitchell is also a heart transplant recipient and suffered from some of the same complications Carla had. They both have seemed to take the most difficult medical road, but are both miracle children.  It was such a pleasure to visit with them and I am so glad that we were finally able to meet.

At 2:20 we were finally able to head off to the cath lab. Carla giggled as she breathed in the bubble gum laughing gas and was out like a light. After an hour and a half, the heart cath doctor paged us and we met him to find out how things went. He said that things went well and that Carla was doing good. He was a little bit surprised that her coronary disease actually looked a bit better this year than it had last December. Her heart pressures looked good and her lungs didn't seem to have a problem oxygenating the blood properly. There has been question about her lungs because of her extensive history with lung issues after the Fontan. As we were talking to the cath doctor, the other doctors were preparing her for a stress echo test. We were told that after that was finished we would be re-paged.

We were paged about an hour and a half later and I was able to go back to the recovery area where Carla was waking up. While I was in the recovery area Dr. Law called.  He had left the hospital and wasn't sure if he would be back before we were discharged, but wanted us to know that he had just looked at Carla's echo. They were able to get her heart rate all the way up to 180 beats per minute without her having any heart abnormalities. Dr. Law was very pleased. As are we!  We are now back on a schedule where we will be seeing the heart docs every 2 months, instead of every month!  This literally cuts our doctor visits in half!  We were happy and finally released from Children's at 8:00 this evening. We are flying high and feeling so incredibly blessed.

Love, Jen

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