Busy Busy!

We have been super busy with getting the house ready for the new buyers as well as building our new digs!  I am a little stressed out, because if we are not done in time we will not have a place to move all of our stuff... but excited about the change and what it means for our family.  This weekend we were forced to take a little break from construction so that Bobby's band could play Rockin The Rivers (a rock festival in the middle of nowhere).  We spent two nights camping, drinking, listening to bands and enjoying the good company of some local band friends. It was a lot of fun, but now we are home and have to hit the ground running.  Bobby and Roger are doing some framing today and later this week we  hope to get the rest of everything ready so that we can have the drywall hung and then tape and textured (hopefully next week..) Our carpet should come in the last week of August, so if everything goes as planned we will be right on track for the September 3rd closing date. Next weekend we will be headed back to Seattle for Carla's 3rd annual biopsy (her new heart anniversary is actually in November, but we moved the date to August so that we know she will be well enough for the procedure.) Last time they found the beginnings of coronary disease and she has been on a statin since December.  So, we are hoping that the narrowing has gotten better (but especially not worse). And also hoping for no rejection. As far as Carla goes in general, she is doing really well and I can't see any reason for concern.  She has a lot of energy (when she wants to) and has been enjoying summertime life. She will be headed into 2nd grade this year, and I cannot wait to see what she is going to accomplish.  The teacher she has this year is new to Cascade, but from what I've heard she is fabulous! I will plan a meeting with her and the Principal after we get back from Seattle, just to make sure we are all on the same page. Last year Carla had some physical education limitations, so we need to know if that is still the case. Also, I like to make the new teacher aware of Carla's limitations with regard to catching and hanging on to colds as well as the fact that she misses a lot of school for medical appointments and blood draws. AND, that she HAS to have water AT HER DESK, in her cubby is not good enough. I have to admit that I am NOT looking forward to the rushing around that Carla and Bobby starting school again is going to create. But with them at school I know that I will have some time to get settled into the new place.  It will be lonesome though with the two of them gone all day again.

I will make sure and update after Carla's procedure next Monday!

Love, Jen

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