The Winds of Change...

Little known fact, our house has been on the market for about a year. It is a specialty house and we figured it would take a long time to sell, and we were not wrong.  But, it's crazy how fast everything can change! Last Friday I received a call from our real estate agent, Robin, saying that there were some people who wanted to see our house Saturday morning. Bobby was out of town for a gig, so his folks kept Carla late that night while I hurried about getting the house ready to show. Showing a house is different than cleaning a house.  You have to REALLY clean it and then make it seem as though nobody lives there. The whole process usually takes 3 to 5 hours, and this time was no exception. Saturday morning I put the finishing touches on the house and went to Roger and Tammy's to chill out, have breakfast and take a shower. Our house was to show at 11:00, and at about 11:03 I looked at Roger (my father in law) and said "Do you want to go for a drive?"  So we, being the small town folks we are, did a drive by to see if we could find out anything about the people looking at the house. We found out that they were from out of state, which we thought was promising. At about 11:15, we saw the prospective buyers and their agent drive past Roger and Tammy's and about an hour later I got a call from Robin. "The showing went really well..." They had some questions about the amount of our taxes and utility bills and I spent some time gathering all of the pertinent information. By around 5:00 or so, we were made an offer on our house! We countered, they offered and then we made a deal! Our sale is contingent on the sale of their house, which is set for September 1st, so our closing date is set for September 3rd. It's crazy how everything can change so fast, and then you have to really make decisions about what you're going to do.

We are currently beginning construction on an apartment in Bobby's folks' basement, essentially turning their home into a duplex. It is really exciting because we will still have about 2500 square feet, but we will still be downsizing quite a bit. Having to relocate to Seattle for a year and a half for Carla's heart really made us realize how quickly everything could change for us - and that having to drop everything and move can easily become a reality. Dropping everything and moving is hard to do when you own a house. So, this will be a good solution.  

Monday, Carla and I will be going back to Seattle to see Dr. Inglis (her vocal cord doc) on Tuesday and Dr. Albers (a transplant doc) on Wednesday. She also has an upcoming biopsy/heart cath set for August 17th. We are hoping that the heart cath will show improvement to the coronary arteries, since she has been on a statin since December when they noticed the narrowing. 

Love, Jen

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