The Plan...

I heard from Seattle Children's yesterday so that they could give me the time of Carla's vocal cord procedure on Monday. We have an 11:30 check in time, which means Carla can have a normal diet until 4:30 a.m., clear liquids until 8:30 a.m., and nothing after 8:30. The good news about this is just that Carla is not a big fan of eating right a way in the morning anyway. I always make her eat, so that her meds don't give her a belly ache, but she is rarely hungry in the morning. After talking to the scheduler I called the transplant team to find out if I should give meds in the morning. I also asked them about what their plan was and reminded them that the only reason they have her planning to spend the night is so that Cardiology can see her. It doesn't sound like cardiology really "needs" her to spend the night SO I worked out a new plan...  [insert evil laugh here]. The new plan is like so... We will report to Children's for blood work at 8:00 a.m., then we will go to cardiology and get an EKG at 8:30 and an echo at 9:00.  After that we will will report in for the 11:30 vocal cord procedure check in.  AND if everything goes well, we won't have to spend the night at Children's (unless Dr. Inglis thinks there is some reason to keep her.) The vocal cord procedure is not usually an inpatient procedure, so we are hoping to be set free Monday night. FINGERS CROSSED! Not spending the night at the hospital is always a better way to go. We will still have to be pretty low key (the anesthetic usually gives Carla a little bit of a fever and general yucky feeling). But it's nothing that she needs to be hospitalized for.

Love, Jen

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