Summertime Fun!

The day after Carla got out of school, she had a bowling birthday party to go to, and I got to go to Tristan's baby shower in Bozeman with my Dad, Sue & Christi (Dad did burgers with Bill  and the guys during the shower). I will be getting a little nephew, due in the beginning of July.  Can't wait to meet that lucky little baby! On Tuesday, June 2nd, my Auntie was in Helena from Oregon, so we had a little family gathering at my Dad & Sue's house.  It was so nice to see Aunt Marlene, we miss having her in Montana, but understand that she wants to be close to her kids and grandchild in Oregon.  On Thursday, June 4th, Metal Steel (The 80's hair tribute band that Bobby plays in) made it's summertime debut at Brewfest in Great Falls. Cody and his friends were there and it was fun to hang out with him a  little bit. This week has been super HOT, just in time for the town pool to open! We go for about 2 hours a day and Carla has been having a blast.  She loves to go to the pool, find friends and swim. She still has to use some kind of a floater for the deep end, but she mostly stays on the shallower side and sometimes travels to the 5 foot area with floaters or a life jacket.  I keep a very close eye on her, and she reminds me that she's "not a baby".  I remind her that I love her and want to make sure she safe.

Sunday we are driving to Seattle for Carla's vocal cord procedure (third time's a charm) and for a visit with cardiology. Afterwards we will be having a little fun as a family. Cody has to work, so will be staying home, but I'm pretty sure he didn't want to do a family vacation anyway. He's busy with friends and work. It sure is nice to have him back in Montana :)

Here are some pictures from our adventures...

At the Xcell Carnival the week before school got out. 

School's out!  Carla is excited to do "whatever she wants!"


Christi and I, at Tristan's baby shower.

Carla with Aunt Marlene and Grandma Morgan

Being cute with Uncle Andy

Snuggling up Aunt Marlene

My Dad & Aunt Diane playing music :)

Metal Steel, Rocking Brewfest.
Family Selfie (minus one)

Lovin on the pupper 


Soaking up some rays...

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