Yesterday we left home at 7:20, picked up Morgan in Helena and then traveled to the Seattle area, so that Carla could have her appointments at Seattle Children's today. It took us just shy of 12 hours, but we had a good trip. Carla loves her Morgie, and we brought her to stay with her Daddy for the summer, so it was a win win. 

We were up at 5:30 this morning, to get ready and commute into Seattle for 8:00 labs, followed by an EKG and an echo in Cardiology. Unfortunately, Children's was having some technical difficulties (their computers were crashed), so we started out about 40 minutes behind schedule. It was only a little unnerving because Carla's vocal cord procedure was scheduled for 11:30, and she  was not supposed to put anything in her mouth after 8:30 a.m., but they didn't do her labs until 9:00, so she had to take her meds after that. Before getting too worked up about the matter, I remembered that it was pretty common for Dr. Inglis to be running behind.  So, I figured all would be alright, and I was right. After the EKG and echo, we took off for Target at the Northgate Shopping center and purchased some new flip flops for Carla, as well as a toy and couple of movies. After our adventure at Target we went back to Children's to check in for the vocal cord procedure. I got so excited when they called our name a few minutes after we arrived and took us back to our room to wait for the doctor.  A nurse took Carla's vitals, asked her a bunch of questions and gave her a gown to change in to.  We then commenced to waiting.... and waiting... and waiting.  She was finally taken to the procedure room at 1:45, after having not eaten all day.  I was so impressed by what a good girl she was. She never ceases to amaze me with her grace.  She didn't complain, whine or act like a little brat.  She simply starved and went about her business. We could all learn a little something from this little champion of awesome.  

The procedure itself took about half an hour... during that half an hour Bobby and I finally ate!  We were so hungry that the hospital food actually tasted good.  

Dr. Ingls said that the procedure went well and that Carla was in recovery. They were hoping to release her, but we had to wait to make sure there were no complications. We waited until 6:00, and then they cut us loose. Woo hoo!  Let the vacation begin! We met Bev at Applebee's (Carla's favorite haunt). We had a fun dinner together and Carla was in a great mood, and charming the staff. She told our waiter that she was "working up to dessert" and then about her half a heart and heart transplant. By the end of dinner she had the staff eating out of the palm of her hand... an Oreo sundae later (purchased by one of the waitresses), when we were on the way back to Bev's, Carla said: it's fun to be a celebrity. She is such a silly little goose. 

It was a good day, and we are very blessed.

Love, Jen

Carla & Morgie, just after leaving Helena

About 6 hours in...

Morgan and her Daddy :)

Bev bought Carla a Bad Minton game... she convinced her Dad to try it out with her.

They had a lot of fun :)

Echo time

Waiting for her vocal cord procedure...

Finally, getting ready to take Carla back for sleepy-time.

Carla did NOT feel well after her procedure... 
About 2 hours later, she was more like herself

Mommy & Daddy Selfie!

We're FREE!!!!

This is a funny sequence of photos... Grandma Bev, sharing her onion ring with Carla... Then Carla's onion ring proceeded to photo bomb the shot...

Feeling Blessed...

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