And the fun begins...

On Wednesday our vacation adventures began as we took Carla to the Family Fun Center in Renton.  We took Cody there when he was about the same age, and it was a lot of fun.  True to our memory, it was again, very fun! We started with the bumper boats! Carla was actually tall enough to man her own boat, so that was really fun for her.  We all participated and soaked each other, as well as a bunch of random strangers.  What could be more fun than that!  After bumper boats we went on the go carts to dry off.  Bobby and Carla rode together and I had one of my own. After whipping around the track a few times we were pretty dry. After bumper boats we got some water as well as some golf clubs and balls. Carla played mini-golf for the first time, and she did really well!  After all of those adventures we were able to see Bobby's Auntie and his cousin Tiffini. Carla was excited to play with her cousin, Belle.  

We headed out Wednesday morning and spent the afternoon exploring Astoria, OR.  It was a lot of fun. We rode the trolley, had fish and chips at The Ship Inn, saw the school that was used in Kindergarten Cop and then made the walk up to see the Goonie house. After all that we went swimming at our hotel. It was a great day! Yesterday we made our way down the Oregon coast. We stopped at Seaside and Cannon Beach to walk around and dip our feet in the ocean. Carla absolutely LOVES the ocean! We also went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory! That was super cool, Carla had ice cream and then she and I had cheese samples. Poor Bobby is allergic to dairy, so didn't get to try anything. But, he was a trooper and had a good time learning the history of Tillamook Cheese.  It was super cool.  I LOVE Tillamook Cheese. We made it as far as Lincoln City and then found another place to stay. After settling in, we had some dinner and then walked down to the ocean again. It was a great day and we were all tuckered out by the end of it!  

Today we are getting a later start (because we told Carla she could swim this morning, and that is what she and Bobby are doing as I write this).  I am going to finish up and then get ready to go!  We intend to make it to the Redwood Forrest today, but we will see how that goes!

Here are the pictures from our adventures!  

Love, Jen

In line for the bumper boats

Carla got to be the captain of her own ship!

All wet selfie!

Waiting in line for the Go carts

All wet and waiting in line.  It was a little chilly in the shade!

Doing her happy little prance walk that she does when she's excited.

Having a drink of water.

Daddy, teaching her how to mini golf.

Taking a swing.

Bobby got robbed of this hole in one! It couldn't have been any closer.

Say cheese!

Crazy Driver!!

The Trolley in Astoria.  It costs $1.00 to ride and takes you and teaches you about the history of Astoria on the way. You can get off anywhere and the trolley will be back in about 55 minutes to pick you up!

Bobby, enjoying the ride.

Carla and I, enjoying the ride. 

We stopped off for fish & chips at an English place called The Ship Inn

Carla's Fish & Chips!

Carla and Bobby in front of the school used in Kindergarten Cop

Some of the Goonie neighbors are festive about living on the Goonie block.

Bobby with the Goonie house in the background. It is the white one on the left.

Checking out the view from the Column Park

Some nice stranger took this for us :)

Cool view

The actual Column was getting some work done so we couldn't climb it.  But, the view was still great.

Riding the Trolley

At Seaside... We wish you were here....

Riding the hotel cart.

Where Lewis & Clark's adventure ended...

Getting their feet wet.

Carla's turning into a good photographer.

I love this picture of Carla

Look, she can run!  She just needs some incentive, like an Ocean to dip her tooties in!

Carla LOVES the Ocean!

It was a little foggy still

At Haystack Rock

Being silly

Because Bobby Rocks.

On the road...


Bobby's sad because he can't eat any of the yummy ice cream or cheese :(

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