May Updates

Well, I can't believe that we are almost half the way through May already! This month has been pretty busy and I am really looking forward to Carla being out of school so that we can all get healthy for a couple of months!  Carla has been sick, pretty much since Good Friday. She has gotten "better" at times but she has yet to get over the terrible cough that she's been battling!  I would have kept her home last Monday and taken her to the doctor, but she really wanted to try out for the "Princess and the Pea" production that the Missoula Children's Theater was putting on... try outs were Monday and Carla got a big role, for being a first grader. Tuesday her class had a field trip to the Holter Dam, followed by a visit at a dude ranch. We took a long wagon ride and all of the kids had a chance to pet the horses. It was pretty neat. Unfortunately, Carla was dealing with a cold, and her nose was running like a faucet, but it didn't stop her from having a good time. After the field trip, she had play practice until 5:45. Unfortunately, she woke up Wednesday morning in a lot of stomach pain... she caught the dreaded tummy bug that has been going around, but on top of the tummy bug she also had the terrible phlegm cough and was hacking up bunches of green gook!  Yuck!  Poor baby!  We went to the pediatrician and pretty much got every bodily fluid sample possible, so now at least they know what they are treating and we are hoping it does the trick! Her stomach bug lasted about three days, so she had to bow out of the play... she was disappointed but said "It's for my own good." Saturday was Bobby and my 17th wedding anniversary we had a nice day and I took Carla to the play. We sat in the front row and she acted out all the parts she knew from her chair... she's such a doll. I was proud of her for going and supporting her friends even though it was disappointing for her to not be able to be in the production. Sunday was Mother's Day and after Bobby got off of work we drove to Missoula because Carla had a cardiologist appointment with Dr. Hardy Monday morning. Dr. Hardy said that Carla's heart function is still looking great, that is always a relief to hear! After her appointment we drove to Helena and spent some long overdue time with my folks and dropped in on Jenny and Morgan for a few. On our way home we were going to stop at Suds Hut to pick up some fried chicken and Jo Jos and my Dad and Sue just happened to be there too!  So, we had dinner with them before driving back home and getting ready for bed. It was a really fun day!

Bobby has completed his first year of college and is now impatiently awaiting his grades. All A's so far, but we shall see... he will either be on the Deans List or the President's list, so I told him to settle down and wait ;)  Grades are due by the 14th, so we will know by tomorrow for sure!

Carla's last day of school is May 29th! I am looking forward to having her home and spending some fun time together this summer. We have decided to take a drive down to California to see our family in the Sacramento area. Our plan is to drive down the Oregon coast after Carla's vocal cord procedure on the 15th of June. It should be a fun time and it will be so neat to see all the sights along the way. We have never taken a vacation like this before, so we are excited! We plan to see the Oregon coast (and some towns along the way), the Tillamook Cheese Factory as well as the Redwood forest and of course San Francisco. We actually have not taken a real vacation (other than Carla's Make a Wish) pretty much since Carla has been born. All of our trips revolve around doctor visits! So, we are very excited to just get in the car drive and see some sights. I guess I had better bust out my "real" camera for the trip, instead of just the camera phone!

 Anyway, here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks.

Carla got some gift cards for her birthday, she bought a video game and this cool Minecraft t-shirt with her money :)

Carla and Morgan, at the Vigilante Day parade in Helena.

Having a snack at the Holter Dam.

Getting ready for a wagon ride!

On the wagon ride.

Headed out!

On the ride.

Petting the horses.

That made her happy :)

Walking with Mrs. Cobb to pet the regular size horses...

Letting the horse smell her hand.

The horses liked Carla, she is so gentle.

The Princess and the Pea cast.

Carla enjoyed the play, and acted out whatever parts she knew ;)

Mother's Day dinner at the Outback in Missoula.

Settled in to the Ronald McDonald House in Missoula.

After lunch at the Jade.

Our little poser!

With the giant Hunter's Point Moose from Auntie Jeannette :)

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