During the entirety of Carla's life, cold and flu season has always brought anxiety. While she had half a heart we pretty much kept her away from all other children and of course anyone who was sick. For the first two years of her life, and then while she awaited her heart transplant, Carla had to endure the treacherous monthly synagis shot (to prevent RSV) from the  months of October through March. The synagis shots hurt so bad that even to this day Carla remembers them. Unfortunately, despite all of our efforts, almost as soon as Carla started pre-school, she caught the dreaded RSV. And, because of her Plastic Bronchitis, it nearly killed her.  She spent two and a half months in the hospital and was intubated for over a month. I remember she was taken to have a PICC line placed on her fourth birthday.  I sat in her ICU room crying as I waited for her to return from the procedure. This was not how we had planned spending her fourth birthday. She was lucky to survive the RSV/Plastic Bronchitis episode and it is what got us on the fast track to a heart transplant. Since receiving her heart, we no longer have to worry that Carla is going to die from a cold. Whew, what a huge relief that is!  BUT, we still have to worry during cold and flu season, because she is on three immunosuppression drugs to keep her body from attacking her perfect new heart. Because her immune system is suppressed, she catches every cold or flu she comes into contact with, and gets sicker than the average child. The viruses last about three times longer than normal, and she almost always ends up needing an antibiotic. Carla has actually taken so many antibiotics that we had to switch her to a new one, because she has built up a tolerance to the usual antibiotic we were using. All this being said, you can only imagine the amount of anxiety, frustration and stress that this time of year brings.

In February, after fighting a bacterial cough that literally lasted from September through the end of January, my mother in law bought me a doTERRA Essential Oil called On Guard. I forwarded all of the information to the transplant team, and got the OK to rub it on the bottom of Carla's feet at night. She is not to ingest it, but rubbing it on is OK. After getting the OK, I started using the On Guard. And guess what!!!??? Carla hasn't picked up a single bug since starting the On Guard! I go to the school four days a week to listen to the kids in Carla's class read, and I noticed that there has been a lot of illness.  A lot of the kids in her class missed days in February with a cold that had a lingering cough attached to it. Carla didn't get sick! Last weekend my side of the family had a gathering, unfortunately there was a fast acting flu bug that hit the family. Carla didn't catch the flu! I can't even begin to explain how happy this has made me!  I just rub a couple drops of On Guard on her feet every night and BAM, she's protected. 

I am actually so impressed with this product that I have decided to become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. I have signed up and am anxiously awaiting my product!  I can't wait to try out all of the oils on my family!  As you can imagine, we have a little anxiety around here, so I'm looking forward to trying a blend called Serenity for that. I have tummy issues, so am looking forward to trying a blend called DigestZen for that... I will try them out and report back how they work. 

If you would like to try some doTERRA essential oils, please get in touch with me via e-mail, or you can order off of my webpage: http://www.mydoterra.com/littlewrightmom/ if you go to the webpage, you will be charged full retail, but if you email me I can give you a better deal. My email address is littlewrightmom@gmail.com  

I'm super excited about this  new adventure and can't wait to start helping people!  

Love, Jen

The other morning, spoiling the puppy.

My Dad, playing his guitar and singing for us :)

Andy and Mario 

Carla and Grandma Sue, dancing.

Carla and Grandma Sue, snuggling up baby Dakota

Tamara and Jacob :)

Cousin Mark and Andy

Mark's family came to visit so that the kids could meet their Great Grandma Morgan. We had such a nice time and it was fun to meet Mark's family

Grandma Morgan, loving up one of her wugsy twugs... 

Mario and I on his first birthday :)

After school the other day, Mario knows how to make a person feel loved :)

Deep Thoughts, with Mario...

I'm going to lick your face off!  (I think it's totally gross, but Carla lets him lick her). 

Thursday morning before labs, it was hat week in her class...

On our way to school after labs.

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