I received my doTERRA in the mail yesterday!  There was so much in the box I almost didn't know what to do! I want to start using and reporting our success stories, but have gotten all excited and so have to pull back so that I can report on individual products.  First off, this is what I received:

So far, I've starting using the Serenity Calming bath bar (for Carla's nighttime bath); the Citrus Bliss Invigorating bath bar (for my morning shower); the Protecting Shampoo & Smoothing Conditioner; the HD Clear Foaming Face Wash and lotion; the Reveal Facial System; the On Guard foaming hand soap; the Lifelong Vitality Vitamin pack; Peppermint oil for stress relief; Helichrysum for Carla's Eczema and the weeping behind her ears; Lemon oil for Carla's inability to focus on ONE THING; On Guard (of course, that's what got this all started) to keep Carla healthy; and Breathe & Lavender for a restful sleep.

I told you I went a little crazy!  I'm going to pull back a little bit for better reporting... but this is what I have to report so far.

The Helichrysum:  Seems to be working very well!  Behind Carla's ears weep and get super sore on a daily basis. The docs say this is medicine related. Every morning and night we clean them with a warm cloth and put cream on them... and the backside of her left knee gets really dry, red, itchy and painful.  We started the Helichrysum last night and today after school the ears looked a lot better, and while the backside of her knee still looks red (the skin looks burned) it doesn't look as dry and she's not complaining about it.

The Peppermint:  Bobby was very stressed out this morning before school, I rubbed some peppermint on his neck and forehead and when he called me on his break he sounded very joyous.  Could be a coincidence, but we will further document how peppermint makes us feel. It is also good for a bunch of other things.

The On Guard:  I have been putting On Guard on the bottoms of Carla's feet before bed since February.   She has not caught a single cold.  This is a miracle.

I started taking the vitamins this morning and think that one of the most remarkable things is that they don't give you that vitamin stomach that most vitamins give you.  I didn't feel gross at all after taking them.

Today I felt very happy and good in general.

Love, Jen


Jessica said...

I have also just started using doTerra for myself / family... My son has had some crazy eczema this winter (we live in Chicago), and I found a mixture of Lavender, Juniperberry, and fractionated coconut oil has worked super well for him!

Wright Family said...

I'm glad you found something that works well! I'll have to try that out!