Carla is ALMOST 8!!!

Carla is almost 8!!  And the celebrating has already begun!!! Last Saturday, (March 22nd) we kicked off the birthday celebration with lunch at the Jade with Grandma Sue and Grandpa, followed by the Princess Tea Party and a visit with Grandma Morgan.  This weekend my Auntie Jeannette and cousin, Rina, were in Helena from California and so we spent a lot of time with them and the rest of the family. Both celebrating Carla's birthday, as well as celebrating spending some long overdue time together.  Tomorrow Carla will bring a treat to school and pass out her party invitations. Grandma & Papa Wright, Uncle Tom, Mandy, and Cody will come over for a spaghetti dinner and presents to celebrate. Thursday (Carla's actual birthday) is the first day of Spring Break, I will take her out to lunch and a movie (because Daddy & Big Brother will be at work and school). Easter Sunday, the Krafts will come over and we will celebrate both Easter as well as Carla's birthday!  And FINALLY, Carla's party with classmates will be held April 11th, so as not to interfere with Easter.

I have been keeping myself busy with chores, listening Moms and doTERRA.  Tonight I will be co-hosting my very first party, so am excited about that.

Here are a bunch of cute pictures from our adventures!

Love, Jen

The Princess Tea Party...

In her birthday outfit from Grandma Sue & Grandpa

During Listening Moms

Mani-Pedi with Grandma Sue

Snuggling up Cousin Rina.

More snuggles

Now they have Grandma in on the snuggles.

Carla with Auntie Jeannette

Bobby and I

A bunch of Morgans

Trying (again) to learn to ride her bike

Going to the park for a picnic 

Springtime picnic at the park... 

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