Seattle Doctor Visits...

Tuesday morning Carla and I flew to Seattle for a couple of appointments. Bev picked us up at the airport and we spent the day with her. We went for a walk and took Carla to Applebee's for dinner. Bev was sweet enough to let us use her car this time, so we didn't have to rent a car, which was super nice of her and saved us a ton of money. 

Carla and I left Bev's Wednesday morning by 6:30 and reported for her echo at 7:30. After the echo we did labs and a visit with Dr. Law.  Carla was not very happy with me for forgetting her numbing cream, but luckily the phlebotomists at Children's are super experienced so it was one poke and no digging.

Dr. Law was his usual thoughtful self and talked me in to switching Carla from cyclosporine to tacrolimus. Tacro was the culprit drug that caused Carla's PRES Syndrome (PRES was when she had the brain swell and turned into a zombie like shell of herself after transplant). That was one of the scariest and heart wrenching times of our lives. But, the circumstances are different and he is convinced that she will have less side effects on Tacro than Cyclosporine. And, we will not be in a hurry to get her up to a high level, so over dosing her would be so much less likely of a thing to ever happen. The plan was to start her and three days later check levels.  So, we just started her today (Friday) and will check levels Monday morning. Fingers crossed, here we go!

Thursday morning we had an appointment with Dr. Inglis, Carla's vocal cord doctor. We talked for a little while and then he wanted to scope her and see what he could see about her vocal cords. He thinks that we could have a little better success if we plump the right one up just a little more. She was sick when they did the procedure back in October and I have never felt that it was quite as successful as her trial procedure. Her voice has still been quiet and I feel like I have to strain to hear her when she is not trying to yell. 

This means a trip back to Seattle for another vocal cord procedure on April 20th, and then a trip back in May for cardiology as well as a checkup with Dr. Inglis.  I am actually trying to get the May trip moved to the first week of June though, because Carla's last day of school is May 29th. I will find out about that today. 

We flew home last night and it was so very nice to be home and with Bobby again.  There really is no place like home.

Love, Jen

Carla and I shared a croissant for breakfast on the plane Tuesday morning.  

Going for a walk with Grandma Bev.

Enjoying Grandma's onion ring.

Being a stinker... Yes, sometimes Carla is a stinker. 

Lunch while we waited for the pharmacy to fill Carla's new medicine.

This one we took special for Cody, because he is not a fan of selfies... So, every so often, I can't resist but to send him a nerdy platypus face selfie. That's just the kind of parent I am...

Bev wasn't feeling very well Thursday night, so we took a taxi to the airport.  Here's a picture of Carla on her very first taxi cab ride.
And finally, upon returning home I found that Bobby had an honorable mention in the local paper!  He has been working his bummy off to get the best grades possible.  Obviously his efforts are paying off!  Good job honey!!

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