The Thanksgiving Holiday

Well, Carla is getting better and we had a very nice Thanksgiving Holiday!  We had the Krafts over as well as Bobby's folks. We all did a little bit of cooking, so that was nice.  Cody had his Thanksgiving with Shelby and her family in Portland and both Thomas and Mandy had to work. So our family was a little smaller this year.  But, I guess that is the way it goes.  We haven't had Cody for Christmas since.... I think 2011, because they all came to Seattle to celebrate.  In 2012, he and Tom were in Bozeman, last year he was in Portland and this year will be there as well.  So, I guess that goes to show that you give and give to your children and then they just grow up and leave you.  ;) Hee hee.  I'm glad he is independent and well and also cherish the time that he is able to visit. This year he and Shelby came up for my birthday, and that was pretty special. 

Bobby's first semester of college is coming to an end  and I am proud to report that as of this date, my hubby is a straight A student!  I can't believe that the first semester has gone by so fast! He has been working so hard with school and work.  I am so very proud of him. It will be nice to have him around a little more during the break, and then we will get used to the second semester schedule in the middle of January. 

Carla enjoyed her five day holiday from school so much!  She is not a busy body and truly enjoys just snuggling in. Friday, we actually had a busy day with her Grandma Sue though!  We met for lunch, took in a movie, did some shopping and then went and visited her Great Grandma Morgan.  It was a good day!  We don't get to see nearly enough of my side of the family, so it's always a treat.  Speaking of my family, I can't wait for Christmas Eve!  It's nice this year because it falls on a Wednesday, which is Bobby's day off, so we can go up early to visit, have Christmas chili with my Grandpa Harrington in the evening and then drive home for Christmas morning. We'll keep our fingers crossed that the weather and the roads cooperate and don't interfere with our plans!

Carla's two year biopsy is looming in our near future and we will be traveling to Seattle on the 14th of December for the heart cath on the 15th.  We will also be seeing the ENT for her "chronic sinusitis" on the 16th.  The ENT is the same doc who did the vocal cord procedure, so I am looking forward to him assessing his work.  I do think her voice is louder, although the procedure did not "cure" the cough the way the temporary procedure did.  So, I'm curious if the vocal cord is as plumped up as it needs to be.  She was sick when they did the procedure, so it makes me wonder if that made any kind of difference.  

Love and Blessings,

Carla, on her Heartiversary wearing her Doc McStuffins scrubs from Uncle Tom & Mandy.

Snuggled up on my lap the other day.  

During a break in her fevers the last week, we built this race car from Papa.  She was super proud of herself. 

Friday, being silly at Target. 

Carla and Great Grandma Morgan.  I am so glad we were able to see Grandma! It's been way too long and we love her so, so, so much!  I can't even begin to say how blessed I was growing up with such an awesome Grandma.  She loves wholeheartedly, and has no favorites. All fifteen of her Grandchildren are her "wugzy twugs", and she would kiss us all over our cheeks (as only a Grandma would).   

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