Rejection Score

Monday night Cody and Shelby drove up from Portland to see us.  They came with us to Children's yesterday for Carla's ENT appointment and afterwards we had lunch and then went back to Kerry Park in Seattle for an updated "family" picture.  After Kerry Park we came back to Bev's house and in the evening we went to Shakey's for pizza, fried chicken, video games and a little family fun before the kids had to go back to Portland.  While we were at Shakey's I got a call from our transplant team about Carla's biopsy results.   Carla's rejection score was a ZERO!!!  Which means, she is having no rejection whatsoever.  This is fabulous news, and we needed fabulous news after the not so fabulous news that we got on Monday about her narrowing arteries.  Tonight the doctors will discuss Carla's case and figure out what they want to do as far as med levels go.  So, we will know more about that plan tomorrow.  Today will be a low key day, followed by an evening flight home.  We will do labs next week and see Dr. Hardy, in Missoula on the 22nd of January.

Here are some cute pictures from yesterday :)

Love, Jen

Selfie at the doctor appointment. 

Carla with Shelby and Cody at Kerry Park

Our kids :)

Our little Wright Family

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