December Adventures...

This month is getting away from me, and even though I have found the time to update about some of the bigger things, I haven't updated about some of the fun stuff we have been up to.  So, here are 26 pictures from the month of December...

The other day on her way to school, Carla asked if she could have pink lemon-aid with whip cream on top after school.  It was her way of making an Italian Soda out of pink lemon-aid.  I agreed that if she drank all of her water bottle at school, that I would make her pink lemon-aid with whip cream when she got home.  She drank up all of her water and this is what she got in return.  :) 

On Saturday, December 6th, we went to the "Breakfast With Santa" fundraiser for the Cascade pool. We had breakfast, did some crafts, and Carla got to sit on Santa's lap.  She hadn't seen Santa since before her heart transplant, so it was fun to see her sit up there with the Jolly Old Elf.

 Thursday, December 11th was Carla's Christmas Program at school.  She got all ready and then snuggled up with the dog for some photos :)

I can't believe how big she is getting!  She looks like such a little lady to me.  

With all but one of the girls in her 1st grade class.  
 On Friday, the 12th of December, the Cascade after school program had a field trip to the ice skating rink in Great Falls (and I got to go too!).
With McKenzie on the bus ride. 

I needed to help another little girl who had fallen and was stranded on the ice.  When I got back to Carla these older kids were skating with her.  Everyone  helps take care of Carla...  we are so blessed to live in such a community.  
Carla with one of her classmates.  Who knew, chairs are very helpful when ice skating. 

I forgot to post this super cute picture of Carla with cousin Dusty in WA.  He is a gem.  

Eating a frosty at the airport :)

December 18th was Grandma Morgan's 91st Birthday.  We all met at Hunters Point and had a birthday lunch with her.  There are  not enough words in the world to express my love for Grandma. She has always been a source of happiness and inspiration in  my life.  I feel very blessed that we have had her all of these years.  

Through the years we have always celebrated Bobby and Grandma's birthdays together.  Grandma's is the 18th and Bobby's is the 19th.  

Carla with Grandma Sue. 

In front of the Christmas tree at Hunter's Point. 

After singing Happy Birthday :)  I sure do love these people, and am so blessed to call them my family :)

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