Christmas Adventures!

We had an absolutely merry Christmas!  On Christmas Eve we went to Helena, visited my Grandpa Harrington for a while and then went to my Dad & Sue's house for an early dinner and presents.  Before dessert Carla decided that her loose front tooth needed to go, because she wanted the Santa and the Tooth-fairy to meet. After several minutes of wiggling and pulling, she had successfully removed her tooth. Shortly after we did pictures and presents, then we quickly packed up and headed home. The weather had taken a turn for the worse and we didn't want to be driving home on a sheet of ice.  Luckily, it was just a sheet of slush and snow, which is easier to maneuver than ice, but still kind of nerve wracking and scary (at least for me).  Thankfully Bobby drove.  After returning to Cascade we were able to make the late dinner and presents with Bobby's family! So, yes, two dinners and present opening adventures in one day... (can't complain here). Christmas morning Carla awoke at 6:00, so we called Bobby's family over to watch Carla open her presents from Santa and from Bobby and I.  I served up the coffee and we all enjoyed watching Carla open more presents. Tom and Amanda had to take off early, but Bobby's folks stayed for breakfast, which was nice. Later Christmas Day Jeff, Jess & Ryder came over and we cooked Christmas dinner.  After Bobby's folks finished their portion of dinner, they came over too, and we all had a nice dinner and visit. When everyone left I laid on the couch, recuperating from all the shopping, baking, visiting and cooking of the week. :)  We had such a lovely Christmas though, and I enjoyed every last second!

Love, Jen

Success!  Carla and her removed tooth.

Dad & Sue, Grandma & Aunt Diane

Opening presents!

Bill & Tristan with their dog, Bella.

This little girl was not lacking in the present department.
 Later that night... at the Grandma & Papa Wrights...

Tom & Amanda

More presents!



You can't really see him (because he is black) but Mario is playing tug a war with Ranger in this picture.  

Tom got Mandy a laptop :)
 Christmas Morning...
Carla had asked Santa for Minecraft toys.  He delivered.

Ryder, trying to figure how to attack his gift.  

I took this photo of Mario this morning.  He was begging me to throw one of the MANY new toys he got for Christmas. Yes, even the dog gets spoiled in our family :)

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