Two-Year Heartiversary

This year we thought that we would do a random act of kindness, to honor Justin and the generous act of kindness his family extended to ours.  So, Carla and I baked cookies, which we delivered to the older folks home here in Cascade.  They turned out to be absolutely delicious, and we enjoyed rolling them out, cutting, baking, decorating and delivering them. 

We like to treat Carla's Heartiversary like a birthday (or as I like to call it, a re-birthday), mixed in with gratitude.  So, she received some gifts, wrote a thank you note to Justin in Heaven, and then released balloons carrying the note.  It has been a good day, and so much better than two years ago.  We are so happy to be home, enjoying family and what is our new normal.  We can't help but to feel extremely blessed.  

Rolling out the dough 

Decorating cookies

Pretending she's going to eat them all. 

Still decorating.

Opening a present from us.

She was SO HAPPY!!


Opening a present from Tom & Mandy

Doc McStuffins!

Getting ready to release her thank you note to Justin.

Watching the balloons take the note away.

Making sure Mario doesn't disappear into thin air (her biggest fear = losing the dog).

Love, Jen

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