Halloween Adventures!!!

It has been a busy week of Halloween adventures!  Wednesday I was able to go to the school and help the kids carve pumpkins.  We had a blast and it is always such a treat to spend time with this exceptional first grade class.  

The first graders, in all of their after pumpkin carving glory. 

Carla, posing with her pumpkin :)
 Later that evening our family did some pumpkin carving as well.

Carla, helping to clean out the guts. 

Cleaning out the pumpkin guts. 
Thursday, after Grandma Tammy got off of work she stopped over for some coffee, visiting and a quick snuggle with Carla.  :)
Carla looks a lot like her Grandma :) They are both very sweet too. 

Carla's pumpkin

Mommy's pumpkin (pattern picked by Carla)

Daddy's pumpkin (pattern picked by Carla)
Friday at noon was the time for Carla's Halloween party at school. Everybody changed into their costumes and then played some musical chairs, passed out treats and paraded around the school.  All of the big kids got to come out of their classes and watch the elementary kids parade.  It was pretty sweet.
Princess Anna.

Cat Girl and Princess Anna (They are so adorable). 

Playing musical chairs, it was fun to watch the competitive side come out in Carla.  


All dressed up and ready to parade.   

All of the elementary kids parading around the gym. 
 Later in the day, the Krafts came over to enjoy the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA - formerly known as the PTA) Halloween Party, followed by Trick or Treating!!  Jessica made Ryder this super cute doggy costume, and I think he looked like he may be related to our dog, Mario.
Ryder, dressed as a puppy. 

Princess Anna and her puppy. 

So cute!

Ryder and Mario, playing. 

Decorating and eating cupcakes. 

Ryder :)

Carla, getting her face painted. 

She sat so patiently while her face was painted. 

Such  a pretty butterfly

Decorating and eating a giant marshmallow.

Trick or Treating!

Ryder, sitting in the town firetruck. 

Carla and her loot.  
 And finally, the news was going on about how we were going to have snow on Sunday.  So, I had to laugh and take this picture this morning, because this is the extent of the snow that we got today.  It was actually a beautiful day.
Our pitiful snowfall.  

Love, Jen

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