Down with a Sickness

Sunday at 6:00 a.m., Carla woke up with a fever and feeling super poopy.  Most recently, after catching a cold at the beginning of September, she has never been able to kick the cough that went along with it. Eventually it keeps leading to her developing another infection, and she has to be prescribed antibiotics.  I took her to the doctor yesterday and we did some brain storming.  We put her on an antibiotic she has never taken before, did blood work to find out if she has any food allergies that might point to the reoccurring cough, took a sample of her phlegm and did a total workup on her. We found out that her magnesium level is better (it was low last week); she does not have strep; she does not have an infection in her blood; she does have a bacterial infection and she is somewhat dehydrated.  I emailed with Children's and they have decided to decrease her immunosuppresent drugs until she feels better.  So, we have cut her cellcept dose in half and come down on the cyclosporine 25 mls a day.  I am just thrilled that they are "hearing" me and that instead of just continuing to throw antibiotics at this problem they are actually looking for a solution.  In all honestly, this problem has been going on since March of 2013, when she caught a bad cold that lead to a never ending cough.  It has been one never ending cough after another and Carla has taken more antibiotics than most people take in their whole lives.  It really is getting ridiculous.  We thought that the vocal cord procedure in October would "fix" the problem, but no such luck.  Today Carla's pediatrician called to let me know that her phlegm culture showed a bacterial infection and Children's e-mailed in the hopes that we could get an appointment with the ENT specialist at Children's when we are there in December due to "reoccurring sinusitis".  I am glad that they are actually starting to search for the root of the problem, instead of just treating the symptoms.  I am hoping that our efforts will get her well, and that she can be a happy healthy little girl.  Right now she is a sweet, happy girl, who suffers strongly through one illness after another.  She has no reserves for her colds and continues to suffer one infection after another.  I am sure that her continuous feeling of shitty is the normal for her, but I am hoping that one day it will not be the norm.  She deserves so much more than constant illness.

Love, Jen

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