I am seriously in a state of disbelief about how fast time is flying and how BIG Carla is getting! Today is the last day of the First Quarter of First grade, and the holidays are right around the corner! This afternoon I get to go to Carla's class and help carve pumpkins :) and tonight we will carve our own pumpkin at home. Friday is Halloween, and Carla is pretty excited about dying her hair and dressing up as Anna from Frozen! The Krafts are going to join us for trick or treating Friday night, so that should be fun too. 

Bobby has been busy with school and on Tuesday will already be signing up for his Spring Semester! And, Cody is getting the final details ironed out to attend the Musician's Institute in LA come January! Life is changing like the wind, and with all of these changes also comes the desire to downsize. So, our house is for sale and we are praying that our perfect buyer presents themselves sooner rather than later.  

Carla still has a lingering cough (from the last week of August) but we are hoping that it will get better soon. I worry that the vocal cord procedure was not as successful as the last one, but only time will tell.  Her voice is still pretty soft and getting rid of the cough is taking FOREVER! Of course, there are lots of colds being passed around at school, so that doesn't help matters.  

Last Saturday Carla attended one of her classmates' birthday party!  It was a mad scientist party and everyone could make their hair crazy, like a mad scientist.  Carla was extremely excited about this, because she didn't have to have her hair done. She's not a fan, in the slightest, of getting her hair combed. So, we try to avoid fixing it during the weekends.

Here are some pictures from the past couple of days!

Love, Jen

Silly Selfie!!!  Yes, we are nerds.

Dr. Carla, at the birthday party :)

Making elephant toothpaste, the kids loved this!  

Making lava lamps.  

You can't tell she's enjoying herself, can you?

Super thrilled to be holding a dry ice bubble.  :)
 What a totally neat birthday party idea!  The kids had a blast!
This week is Red Ribbon Week and Tuesday was Put a Cap on Drugs day.  I found this hat that was sent to Carla when we were living at the Ronald McDonald House in December of 2011.  I think she looks like a little pink Elf on the Shelf :)  
Life has been pretty awesome lately and I can't help but to feel blessed.

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