Hospital Visit

We arrived at Seattle Children's hospital for Carla's vocal cord procedure yesterday at 1:15 p.m. Unfortunately, they were running very behind, so they finally started the procedure at 4:15, and finished by 4:45. Everything went well and they took Carla to the recovery room while a room was being prepared. Cardiology wanted her to spend the night, so we anticipated settling in. A little over an hour later they let us go back to the recovery area. Unfortunately, no one had written orders for Carla to spend the night, so we waited until after 7:15  to be released from the recovery room! When we got to our room I asked our nurse about giving Carla her at home meds, because she takes a brand of cyclosporine that Children's doesn't carry. After several calls to pharmacy, and the charge nurse actually having to take Carla's pills to pharmacy, she was able to take her meds (only 20 minutes late). We had a phenomenal nurse last night who pretty much made up for everything with her extra effort. It really is awesome how one person can make such a big difference.

Carla ended up with a fever of 102  last night and with a fever came a very high heart rate and lower oxygen levels.  She ended up coughing and puking up a bunch of phlegm, which was helpful to her oxygen levels.  I noticed that her fever had finally broken around 4:00 a.m.  I was so thankful when I saw her heart rate at 113, instead of 152. Today she seems to be doing better, but she does still have a cough. The ENT Resident said the cardiology may want to observe her again today, but we haven't seen the team yet so don't know. I just really hope they let us go.  EKG was just here and the echo lady is presently here, so I'm pretty sure it will all kind of stem off of whether or not the echo and EKG still look good. If they look like something is wrong I'm sure they will keep us, but I don't foresee that happening.

Here are some pictures from the trip so far. 
And we're off!

Getting ready for takeoff! 
Grandma Bev gave Carla this vampire sucker.  :)
Before the procedure Monday afternoon, about 9 hours after her last little bit of food.  
The echo, Tuesday morning. 
Waiting to see the doctors Tuesday morning.  

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